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About Our School

We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and caring environment for our children, their families, and our community


How Do We Envision Montessori at Tiger Lily Montessori

  • We believe that children are intrinsically good.

  • We believe that the natural state of children is positive and that children will do the right thing if given the opportunity.

  • We believe  children are intrinsically peaceful and thrive in gentle environments that allow children of differing ages to interact with less conflict and more joy.

  • We believe children are intrinsically motivated to learn and that this motivation blossoms in conducive learning environments.

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Our Teacher Leaders

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Emily Braunhardt 


Head of School/Teacher Leader

Emily is our Head of School / Teacher Leader with a bachelor's degree in Child Studies and has dual certification in Montessori Philosophy. Emily is certified in Montessori education for children ages 0-6. With both of her parents being retired teachers, Emily has always known she wanted to be in the education field and work with young children. Emily has lived in New England her whole life and can’t imagine being anywhere else. She has been at Tiger Lily since its opening in 2017 and has been able to work in all three classrooms throughout the year.  She is excited to work with all of your children while getting to know each and every one of them individually.

Infant Teachers

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     Nicole DeBronzo       

Infant Teacher Leader

Nikki is an Infant Teacher Leader and the Aftercare Coordinator at Tiger Lily. She has been working with children for over 15 years and teaching in a Montessori setting for 3 years. Since coming to Tiger Lily in 2022, her love of the Montessori philosophy has only grown. She is currently working towards her bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from Roger Williams University College and her Infant Toddler Montessori certification from Northeast Montessori Institute. Nikki is also an accomplished performer and stage manager within the New England theatre community. In her very limited free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, reading, and taking naps.

Lauryn Morrissey

Infant Teacher Leader

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Toddler Teachers

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Nicole Martins

Toddler Teacher Leader

Nicole started her early childhood journey in 2008 and has been with Tiger Lily Montessori since January 2020. Nicole is certified in infant toddler Montessori and has obtained a bachelor's degree in early childhood with endorsements in special education licensure for PreK-2 from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. Nicole loves working with toddlers and seeing them grow into independent humans.

Johnny Robinson

Toddler Teacher Leader

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Primary Teachers

Primary Teachers

Primary Teachers

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Emily Silva

Primary Teacher Leader

Emily has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and has worked with children for almost 15 years. Emily started at Tiger Lily Montessori in September of 2022 and is a lead teacher in the primary classroom. Emily enjoys spending her day with the kids at Tiger Lily because she genuinely loves seeing how intelligent, caring, and inquisitive all children are. When Emily is not with the kids, she loves spending much of her time outdoors, going to the beach, hiking with her husband, or traveling to find new restaurants. She can't wait to continue her journey here at Tiger Lily and her education in Montessori.

Sarah Sheriff

Primary Teacher Leader

Miss Sarah is from Columbus, Ohio, and has worked with children for over 25 years. She has worked with all age groups from infants to teens. Watching children develop their own unique personalities and reach their full potential is her favorite part of teaching. Miss Sarah really focuses on getting to know each child individually and making sure she builds a connection that makes them feel seen and loved. She is very passionate about teaching children social and emotional intelligence and fostering independence. 

In her spare time, Miss Sarah loves to travel, see live music, spend time in nature, watch her favorite football teams, the Ohio State Buckeyes (her alma mater) and the Buffalo Bills and loves spending time with her family.

Assistant Teachers and Aftercare Staff

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